Buzz made a claim in a recent morning show meeting that many of us found to be too unbelievable. Have you ever heard of so-called “super-tasters?” They’re people who have a far better sense of taste than average normies. Well, Buzz claims to be that…but with only Dr. Pepper.

More specifically, Buzz claims that he would be able to pick out an actual Dr. Pepper from among several off-brand versions like Mr. Pibb and Dr. Thunder.

Interesting thing we discovered: Dr. Pepper seems to be the only soft drink that everyone tries to have their own knock-off version of. Sure, most off-brands have a generic “cola” but they don’t try to pass them off as either Coke or Pepsi. They’re just “cola”. Fake Dr. Peppers use the same color scheme on their packaging and most of them also attach a phony medical degree to their product (Mr. Pibb being the notable exception). You don’t see Dollar General trying to sell their version of “Mountain Don’t” or “7-Down”. For some reason Dr. Pepper is the main target of copycats.

So, can he do it? Can Buzz really pick out the true Dr. Pepper out of five different pretenders? Watch the video to find out.