There are some great things about living in Odessa, but according to new data you may not get to enjoy those things as long as you'd hope.

Throughout the years, the life expectancy of Americans has gone up and in 2015, the average was about 78.8 years. Even though the average is 78.8 years, that number varies between states and even different states. The website 24/7 Wall St. looked at cities in each state to see which cities had the lowest life expectancies. Using 2014 data from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation they found life expectancy was linked to the general wealth of residents. If a city had a lower life expectancy, household incomes usually tended to be lower and more residents lived in poverty. And there was some bad news for residents in Odessa. There average life expectancy was 75.1 years, while Texans life expectancy was 78.5 years, the 19th lowest in the country. The median household income in Odessa is $57,150 a year and the obesity rate in the area is 31.6%, with both thought to be factors in the life expectancy.

Find out more details and see what other cities made the list at the 24/7 Wall St. website.