I think it's safe to say this guy's New Year started off.....with a bang?

A crowd of about 1,000 got an up close and personal fireworks display at a Houston parking lot after a lit firecracker ended up in the trunk of a vehicle filled with fireworks. The shocking accident happened just before midnight on New Year's Eve when the group was lighting fireworks in a parking lot off Highway 6.

Johnathan Garza witnessed the explosion and captured it on camera. Since then, his video has gone viral, with thousands viewing the fireworks exploding all over the parking lot and inside the trunk of the car. People first attempted to put out the fireworks by closing the trunk, but when they opened it again they simply started going off more. The owner of the Dodge Charger, Hurara Hassan, says that his vehicle is reparable, but he is just thankful no one got hurt. Hassan even said he plans to celebrate New Yaers again next year with fireworks, but will close the trunk before lighting them.