If someone had never heard of some of the sports in the Winter Olympics it would be hard to convince them that certain sports actually exist.

“So, you take this thing that looks like a rock and you slide it on ice toward a target. Also, two people are furiously sweeping the rink with brooms to make the rock-thing go faster or slower”. You’d call BS on that in a Lake Placid minute. Here’s another one: “So, let me get this straight. They ski for a while and then the just drop to the ground and start shooting a rifle?? Was this “sport” based on a James Bond movie from the 70s?”

As bizarre as some of the Winter games are, there used to be even weirder ones. Like strapping on skis, tying a rope onto a horse and having it pull you over a series of obstacles.

That’s the gist of “Skijoring” or “horse skiing”. To be clear, the human, not the horse, is the one with the skis on. Skijoring was actually an Olympic Demonstration sport in 1928 at St. Moritz. Also, skijoring is frequently done using dogs and yaks. Yaks!

Here’s video of some modern skijoring along with (at the 1:11 mark) some footage from 1928. To me, it looks like a great way to take a stalled horse butt right to the face.