Get creative with these ten super easy and fun setups from home to capture all those memorable holiday photos.


'Tis the season to begin decking the halls with boughs of holly in preparation for the holidays and the perfect backdrop to take your family photographs.

You and your family don't have to go very far to take professional holiday photos - with decorations in hand, you'll have the perfect backdrop to capture all those sweet moments in the comfort of your home.


What you'll need:

  • Camera or mobile phone
  • Tripod
  • Holiday decorations

Enjoy a weekend with the family and take advantage of setting up your holiday decorations, baking goods, or during storytime to capture the perfect holiday moments to share with your loved ones. You might take hundreds of photos, but I promise it'll be worth it when you capture the perfect holiday shot.

In Bed


There's nothing cozier and sweeter than a photo of the family snuggled up in bed with their Christmas pj's. Besides the pj's, spruce up your bed with a holiday throw or maybe a wreath or garland across the top of the headboard for added appeal.

Decorating The Tree


Decorating the tree is a great moment to capture the kids placing ornaments on the tree or while placing the tree topper. Dress up the moment with everyone decked out in their best holiday outfit, or keep it casual in Christmas pj's.

Home Sweet Home Spots

Digital Vision.

Take advantage of your home's unique spots, like around a trimmed-out fireplace or staircase. If you're lucky to own a piano, the family singing around it is another sweet spot. Or perhaps you have a pool; you can do an Only In El Paso Holiday Pool Party-themed picture.

Baking or Cooking


If you love baking during the holidays, begin taking photos of the kids or you and your partner making cookies, pies, or even tamales. Nothing says Happy Holidays like tamales 'round these parts.

On The Couch


Another great spot is on the couch. Your family can pile on the sofa and don't forget your family pet too. Add Christmas lights or add props like candy canes while sipping hot chocolate for a delightfully sweet photo.

Christmas Themed Characters

Anna Bizoń

One of the most creative and fun ideas is to dress up as different holiday characters, such as the Grinch or Santa and his elves.

Holiday Wall

Take a blank wall in your home and decorate it with all sorts of holiday decor, from lights to garland, homemade snowflakes, to snow made of cotton for an artistic take on your holiday photos.



Step outside your front porch or backyard and take photos of your holiday lights and decor for a silly and fun photoshoot.

Around The Christmas Tree

Eyecandy Images

Take photos under your Christmas tree for a fun angle, or stand around the tree like the folks in Dr. Suess' Whoville or just let the twinkle of the Christmas tree lights create a magical moment.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters


Break out and show off those ugly Christmas sweaters anywhere in your home for a funny take on your holiday photos.

No matter what you decide to do - remember to work those angles and have fun because, after all, it's all about spending quality time with the fam-bam.

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