Dear Journal,

Yesterday I was playing football in my common area which is a large area of grass. When I tackled Adam Steele his elbow hit me in the bone right below the eye. Now it is swollen, kind of blueish and purple, and it broke open the skin and it started bleeding. When I told my mom over the phone, she freaked out! My mom and dad are in Florida. They called yesterday at 8:30, which is 11:30 Florida time, and my sister wasn't there so, they talked to me and they called back later to talk to Kelly. They said it was hot and humid out there. It is fun having my grandma over to stay with us. She drove me to school today because I had to carry my 'big' visual aid for my book report. We also picked up Allan Aguilar on our way. We planned to pick him up last night.

Ahh, the common area behind the house and so many injuries out there. It was either this year or the next when I was in 8th grade when I pulled all the muscles in my right hip when I was tackled. I couldn't get up out of bed the following day. I remember giving it time to rest, but that first basketball practice after the injury my damn hip completely gave out during the weave drill.