Dear Journal,

Last night in the field behind my house we had a sweet football game. The teams were me and Taylor against Scott and Ed. We weren't really counting touchdowns, but I think it was a tie. Scott would take the ball after I was down and say he stole it. When I went in I was covered in mud. I had to take a bath right away. Tonight we are going to have another game with me, Adam Steele, Nathan Banks, Scott Rhoten, Ed Smith, Taylor Johns, Jason Nickerson, Scotty Lundquist and Drew Bennett. I hope they all can play. Last night it was only two on two. We had a lab in science yesterday and it was fun. We has alcohol burners to boil water. You take a reading every minute and take the temperature at that minute. My partner, Jason Cho, and I were the only ones in our class to hit boiling.

Man, we had some epic football games behind my house when I was a kid.

And I do remember that science lab. I was so excited that we were able to reach boiling, and no one else was.