Dear Journal,

I am reading a cool book. It was written by Alfred Hitchcock. It is part of The Investigator books. The three investigators names are Jupiter Jones, Pete Crenshaw, and Bob Andrews. They started their own investigation company. Their headquarters are in Jupiter's uncle's junkyard. I have already read one of them. I would recommend these books to anybody. The book is called The Mystery of the Nervous Lion. I read five chapters last night, I was in to it. I have basketball practice tonight. Mr. Spooner is my coach. I am glad I am playing for the school. I am also playing gold ball. That is through Lents Organization. I am really pleased that I am playing for two teams. I think both teams will do well.

After reading this, I remember those books, but I also don't ever really remember reading. Whenever we'd have to read a book for an assignment, I'd usually coax one of my classmates into just telling me what happened so I could pass the test.