Dear Journal,

Today is my mom's birthday. It isn't going to be jolly though. I got my first detention because I didn't practice enough on my trumpet. I still had fun this weekend. I went up to my uncle's house. He lives up in Bellevue, it is right next to Seattle. We went to Pike Place Market. My dad bought me a little instrument in the shape of a round dragon. It is made of clay. He also bought Kelly, my sister, a clay flute to play. After that we saw the workers at a fish market throw fish. My uncle was at the counter and they threw a bag of oysters over his head. Last night my "B" basketball team won. I scored five points. My head still hurts from when I landed on the ground. We are now two and zero. So is the "A" team. They were down by fourteen points at the half and ended up winning it by six. I knew somebody on the "A" team. His name is Matt Olson. I have played sports with him for about six years. He didn't get to play soccer though last year. He was born with a deformed hip and the doctors couldn't do anything. So he was in traction a week.

And there it is. The laziness creeping in when it comes to playing the trumpet. I believe this was the beginning of the down slide of being comfortable at the bottom.

Also, how many damn concussions did I probably suffer when I was younger. I remember my head hurting for a few days after hitting my head more than once. Maybe that's what happened to me.