Dear Journal,

Only ten days till Christmas. My sister said that one of my presents from parents is really sweet. I am going shopping for everybody's presents this weekend. The last few weekends we haven't had time to go shopping for presents for me to give. My "B" basketball team won a close one last night. We won by four. I scored five points and went to the free throw line four times. Jack Craven was the man who hit the clutch free throws. The other team, McLoughlin, were the worst sports. They would yell at the ref and shove you with an elbow. I got caught throwing an elbow myself. The whole team did a good job. Mr. Spooner has put me in the last two announcements. We beat Walluga on Friday. I scored 8 points in a quarter and a half. I asked Mr. Spooner if I could play more before the Walluga game, because I only played two minutes in the last game. Our team now is four and one. Mr. Spooner said that how ever many games we win is how many sets of lines he will have to run. Lines are where you go from the end line to the free throw line back and then to the mid court and back, etc.

I LOVED this Christmas! If I'm remembering correctly. Of course, all Christmases were great, but this was the one when I got a really sweet Minnesota Twins jacket. A jacket that still fits and I still wear by the way.