Dear Journal,

Yesterday I had soccer practice at Clackamas High School. This morning in band only one brass player had the new book which was Tim Olson. Only me and him go to share because we sit next to each other, he is first chair and I am second chair. I couldn't play one song in the book that I saw because it was so hard. The new book has the fingering in the back of the book, the old book had the fingering in the back of the book. For core my realistic fiction book is called, Mutiny on the Bounty. I haven't started it yet though. During lunch Jared Habre spilled my Sunny Delight. It got all over the table. I am hoping to get my new band book tonight, because if I don't I am probably out of band. We only have one trombone player and he doesn't have his book either.

I vaguely remember having that Sunny D spilled. It was such a huge mess. I'm not sure it was completely Jared's fault though. I think I'm throwing him under the bus with this entry. Thankfully the spilled Sunny D didn't prevent Jared from becoming one of my best friends through high school.