Dear Journal,

Today there is a big fuzzy alien creature on top of Ms. Tinkham's board. It has little beady eyes with super sharp claws on its feet. The antenaes even look vicious. Just kidding! Today I did a lab in science. We had to look at a very little lower case 'e'. After we looked at it for a while we had to draw the 'e' with all the little fibers in it. It was hard because we didn't have much time. Also in health this morning we had a sub and we got to have a snack!

Again, I think we were asked to write about whatever the creature was on the teacher's board.

I remember that science class and feeling so rushed to finish drawing the 'e' because I was trying to be too perfect when it came to the all the fibers  you could see in the 'e'.

As far as the health class with the snack, I don't remember that at all, but that was apparently a thing. As I look ahead to future entries I see that we are bringing food to pretty much every health class.