Dear Journal,

Today in health I got to eat a tomato. We have to being snacks for every class. Yesterday we had to bring something with carbohydrates. Today we had to bring some type of fruit. I brought two tomatoes from my mom's tomato plant in our back yard. Pretty soon my mom and dad are going to leave for Florida and my mom's mom, Grandma Allen, is going to stay with me and my sister for the two weeks my mom and dad are gone. Last time when my mom and dad went to Reno my grandma stayed with us. It's fun having my grandma around. She has her own garden and she is even on drought water, but somehow she maintains it. When I went over to her house we had a vegetable lunch from her garden. We had: tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow cucumbers, corn (she had one with only three kernels), carrots and mints.

I remember this trip my parents took to Florida because it was right after Hurricane Andrew and they came back with lots of pictures of the destruction.

And my Grandma's garden was AWESOME! I LOVED walking through with her pick out things to eat. One of the highlights of my childhood.