I went to a concert last night. It was the first concert I've gone to in over a year (my last one was in November of 2019) and it was... exhausting! It's going to take me all week to recuperate from it!

I don't know if it's the pandemic that has aged me, or the fact that I had COVID, but I was so tired throughout the concert! I needed to constantly sit down. I rocked out to Lamb of God and Megadeth by sitting and waving my arms. I became those people who sit during a concert, how lame!

Maybe it is the COVID that I'm still recovering from, but lately I have noticed how much more tired I am; it also doesn't help that I get on TikTok and I have Gen Z telling me that my skinny jeans are out and my side part is a thing of the past! Despite the fact that a survey once said that people don't consider themselves middle aged until they're 47, and I'm a ways off from that, I've started to notice the signs that I'm getting older. I think I'm turning into my abuelita!

Here are seven signs that prove I'm officially turning into my abuelita.

1. I've seriously considered taking up quilting

Dinh Pham via Unsplash

My abuelita used to make beautiful quilts- and they're suddenly becoming a thing on TikTok. I have seriously pondered if I should start doing quilts!

2. I've started to enjoy butter pecan ice cream


Have you noticed that Hispanic parents love butter pecan ice cream? It's a thing. And lately, I've definitely acquired a taste for it.

3. Pond's face cream has become an integral part of my skincare routine. 


When I think of my abuelita, I think of her at night putting this cream on her face- and the way it smelled as I leaned in to hug her goodnight. I finally understood the hype. It's perfect for my skin.

4. The second I feel a little congestion, I reach for the Vick's!


I have tubs of Vick's all over my house! It's perfect and just comforting for when I feel a little tickle in my throat.

5. I've started to watch and seriously enjoy Novelas

Telemundo Studios

I used to think novelas were super cheesy and so unrealistic. I still think that, but now I find myself actually getting invested in the story. The Jenni Rivera one was the one to hook me in- I knew how the whole story ended but I couldn't stop watching! The one I'm currently invested in is called "Si Nos Dejan".

6. I have a designated day to do el mandado

Maria Lin Kim via Unsplash

My abuelita's day to go shopping was on a Tuesday. My favorite day to do some grocery shopping is Thursday. I don't know why- but that is my day.

7. Everything is suddenly good Tupperware


Don't throw out that Country Crock tub! It's perfect Tupperware!

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