Bad news guys, the morning show isn't giving away money through an Instagram contest, it's someone catfishing listeners so beware.

A couple of weeks ago, the radio station found out that there was a fake Instagram profile impersonating our midday DJ Veronica Gonzalez. The profile was sending out messages to listeners who had already subscribed to one of our other Instagram accounts telling people they had won a prize and to claim it, they had to enter their information into a website.

Veronica then had to spend the next week trying to get the account removed and thankfully it seems like the account has given up on trying to fool her followers. Now, the scammers have moved onto the Buzz Adams Morning Show.

A listener messaged me on my Instagram to ask if the station was having a contest for money if you signed up through Instagram. Immediately when I saw the message I knew it was the scammers who went after Veronica's followers on Instagram.

Since getting that first message I've received several more from people with the same question- is this for real? And sadly, the answer is no. We're now asking people to report the fake account so we can get it removed and not get any of our listeners trapped in the scam.


The fake account is under @buzzadamsklaq and for future reference, our REAL Instagram is under @buzzadamsshow. If you can, please report the fake account so we can get it taken off Instagram quickly. And in case you're wondering, we aren't having another Go Fund Yourself giveaway at the oment. The last cash contest ended at the end of April.


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