Over the weekend, celebrity judges from the Dallas area got to sit down and taste all ten of the Big Tex Choice Award finalists (jealousy ensues). These judges determined the winners in three categories. Let's find out who won this year.

Deny it all you want but fair season is just about upon us. The rides, the food, the entertainment, the food, the exhibits and I don't think I mentioned the food. For the State Fair of Texas, finding the wildest food concoctions is a tradition. For the 2021 edition of the fair, there is no disappointment.

The State Fair of Texas is scheduled for September 24 through October 17 at Fair Park in Dallas. Outside of the Texas - OU game, rides and entertainment, you come for the wildest concoctions of food you will find anywhere. Every year, the Big Tex Choice Awards hands out their top prize to three of the craziest fair food mixtures in three categories; Best Taste - Sweet, Best Taste - Savory and Most Creative.

The contest started with a whopping 43 different food entries. From there, it was whittled down to 32. Is anyone jealous of the taste testers? I am. Out of those 32, we got down to the top 10. A panel of celebrity judges got to taste each of the 10 finalists (jealousy grows) and determine the winners in the three categories. Without further ado, here are the winners.

Best Taste - Savory

Deep Fried Seafood Gumbo Balls from Gourmet Royale

State Fair of Texas

Using a family recipe that has been handed down four generations, the base is a dark, rich, and savory roux that represents the true essence of New Orleans. The balls are then loaded with Gulf Coast shrimp, stewed chicken, blue crab meat, and andouille sausage. The balls are then rolled in our saltine cracker and breadcrumb batter, then fried, creating an explosion of flavor. The balls are served with a side of dark gumbo roux sauce for your dipping pleasure and topped with chicken fried okra spears. The dish will be served with a small bottle of hot sauce and a package of saltine crackers.

Best Taste - Sweet

The Armadillo from James Barrera

State Fair of Texas

Y'all will want to go home with the Armadillo Cookie Butter Ice Cream Sandwich! It is a made-from-scratch cookie butter semifreddo – an Italian take on ice cream that means semi-frozen. The treat is drizzled with cookie butter and sandwiched between two deep fried Armadillo-shaped cookies that are made with a branding iron. Finally, it is dusted with buttery sugar. Absolutely a velvety cream delight!

Most Creative

Deep Fried Seafood Gumbo Balls from Gourmet Royale

State Fair of Texas

There are your big winners for the 2021 Big Tex Choice Awards. Be sure to stop by and try all of the Top 10 finalists (seen below).


2021 State Fair of Texas Big Tex Choice Awards Top 10 Finalists

Every year, the State Fair of Texas introduces us to some of the wildest fair food concoctions. Here are the 2021 finalists looking to take home an award for Best Taste – Savory, Best Taste – Sweet or Most Creative.

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