A bottle episode is designed to save a studio money. It's usually done with the the main cast of a show, or even part of the main cast. It takes place in one location. If I'm going to do a list of great bottle episodes to watch while we're all cooped up in our houses, I have to start with Community. Season 2, episode 8 "Cooperative Caligraphy." Abed explains a bottle episode, in the episode, and the Greendale 7 are stuck in the study room looking for a lost pen.

Next on the list, has to be the Seinfeld episode "The Chinese Restaurant". Season 2, episode 11. The whole episode is Jerry, George, and Elaine waiting to get a table at a Chinese restraurant.

Next up is Archer. The "Vision Quest" episode, from season 6, episode 5, the group is stuck in an elevator.

There are a few bottle episodes from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Season 2, episode 7, "Lockdown". A mysterious package shows up and everyone is locked down in the precinct.

Another episode from Brooklyn Nine-Nine is "The Box". BE WARNED, the following clip does spoil the episode. You can find the whole episode on Hulu. It's season 5, episode 14.

There are many more bottle episodes you can check out by CLICKING HERE and going to the Wikipedia page.

If you're looking for something a bit longer, a great movie to check out is The Sunset Limited.