Buzz is a klutz. We all know this very well. He once decided to Facetime with his mom, while riding his motorized bike, WHILE on Lunesta. That ended with a trip to Upper Valley Urgent Care, which turned into an ambulance ride, that took him to the emergency room. This busted his face up pretty good too. Oh, and he also lost multiple sets of his temporary teeth until the dentist was finally able to screw a new set into his jaw.

The following year he decided to take some dog tranquilizers. He had run out of his Lunesta (because he was taking too many and they ran out before he could refill the prescription) and he found some tranquilizers left home from when his dogs had something done. Needless to say, the name of the patient on the bottle was 'Sparky' not 'Buzz Adams'. After a significant amount of time not being able to get up because they basically paralyzed him, he managed to get on his feet. This was a terrible idea. His body was basically a rag doll and under his own weight, he crushed his own foot. He rolled it to the point of fractures and torn ligaments. This ultimately ended with him continually trying to saw his own cast off while under the influence of Lunesta.

Okay, so this one isn't as bad, but it does show the true klutziness of Buzz. We have hooks on our desks to hang out headphones. Buzz's is right next to his right knee and well... I guess he forgot it was there.