It sounds like a stupid question, right? Can you catch coronavirus from someone's fart?

Well, there is some actual validity to this question. Dr. Norman Swan tackled this question recently. He said that people should try to avoid farting near one another just in case. But he also reminded us that we generally have a mask on that covers farts anyway. Our clothes.

This question was brought up because wastewater was going to be tested for coronavirus to monitor the outbreak and to potentially be an early warning system.

It has been found that people with the virus do spread the virus in their feces and it can be found in wastewater. Health Minister Greg Hunt said:

If there's a suburb that hasn't had a case identified but it is in the wastewater stream, then we realise we need to focus on that suburb to find the people.

Another topic that was brought up had to do with flushing the toilet and if that's an issue. The short answer? Yes, it can be. According to a report:

The action of flushing a toilet causes up to 145,000 aerosolised droplets to be disturbed and thrown around the room, and become suspended in the air for hours.

Because of this, it's recommended that when you do flush the toilet, to close the lid completely.