What is it about cartoons that they make their food look so appetizing? Pizza looks extra cheesy, hamburgers look mouthwatering even the honey from "Winnie the Pooh" looks delicious!

For years, cartoon foods have tempted us with all their visually appealing foodstuffs and it kind of bums me out that it's not real. Well, it's real in the sense that pizza is real but the specific pizza from a cartoon isn't real. For instance, how is it that the pizza from "A Goofy Movie" looks so good?

Where can I get a pizza that looks and tastes as good as that?!

How about the entire food parade from "Beauty and the Beast"?


Coincidentally, the "gray stuff" is the cartoon food Lisa has always wanted to try.

I decided to take this conversation over to our station's Facebook page and ask our listeners- "what cartoon food have you always wanted to try?

Turns out, a lot of you think about cartoon food as well!

For instance, "The Simpsons" have shaped a lot of your food fantasies, because the Krusty Burger, the "Rib-Wich" and the famous "Squishee" were on some of y'alls list.

*If you don't remember "Honker Burger" it's from "Doug"!

Side note, why does food from anime looks delicious?

The scenes in which they're making food in anime's are also very ASMR pleasing!

Aside from Krusty Burgers, "Krabby Patties" were also a hot commodity in the comments:

Krabby Patties are definitely popular.

However, someone was willing to get a taste of the Krusty Krab's competitor- The Chum Bucket!

Someone wanted the prehistoric meal featured on "The Flintstone's"

For those with a "unique" palate they would rather munch on something created by the "Scooby-Doo" gang or by Beavis and Butt-Head

For a cat, Garfield had some carb loaded meals!

Someone finally agreed with me about that pizza from "A Goofy Movie"!

And I think we can all agree- the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles definitely had some great looking pizza!

If someone could work on a cookbook of all these, so many of us would appreciate it!


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