Just what is the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing? Well, it's not so much a church, as it is a place for anti-vaxxers to congregate and talk about crazy conspiracy theories. Okay, maybe I embellished that a bit. But just a bit.

The 'church' in Bradenton, FL describes itself as a 'most unusual church' that is against 'vaccinations, unwanted x-rays, scans, or health insurance mandated by human authority.' They charge churchgoers an original fee of $35, with an annual fee of $20 after that.

They also sell they're 'Miracle Mineral Solution' which they claim can treat everything from Alzheimer's, to brain cancer, to HIV and AIDS, to the now news grabbing COVID-19. In case you needed to actually read this... There is NO scientific proof this 'Miracle Mineral Solution' does anything other than actual harm someone who takes it.

They sell the solution in 4 ounce bottles (sodium chlorite), with instructions how to mix it with citric acid to make chlorine dioxide. That, my friends, is an industrial grade bleaching agent that IS NOT safe for human consumption.

The 'church' has been asked on multiple occasions to stop selling the solution, but now a court order has been issued by the FDA to prevent them from selling it anymore. Sales of the product have temporarily been halted on the 'churches' website.