Uhhhhh, what?

Yeah, you read that headline right. There were a few teams that were the favorites to sign Andy Dalton after he was released by the Cincinnati Bengals, but the Cowboys were way, way down on that list. The New England Patriots? The Jacksonville Jaguars? Both teams that are "in need" of a quarterback.

Instead of either of those teams signing Dalton, it was Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys. Dez Bryant chimed in on the signing...

The deal Dalton just signed is for one year, $7 million, with $3 million guaranteed. You might be wondering if this has anything to do with not being able to get Dak Prescott signed to a long term deal. Maybe the Cowboys are looking to add some pressure to Dak. Ian Rappaport answered that on Twitter.

Andy Dalton is gone. Jameis Winston signed with the Saints. That just leaves Cam Newton as the lone, big name quarterback still without a team.