For some reason, videos of people cruising through El Paso have been popping up on YouTube recently. They're a great showcase of the Sun City. Although, this one didn't capture the true 'sun' part of the Sun City as it clearly just rained here.

I've said this before and I'll say it again, if you have family and friends that have never been to El Paso, they're missing out. I first moved here almost 5 years ago (in 2015), and this was after visiting here in 2012.

In just the 3 years from visiting to moving here the city grew immensely. Right now El Paso is in that sweet spot of small town, big city. We get enough good shows and tours to come through town that there's usually fun things to do, but we aren't overpopulated to the point of breaking at the seams.

I recently wrote an article about Mayor Dee Margo writing a letter to Elon Musk to bring Tesla to El Paso. You can find that article by CLICKING HERE. One big concern with bringing something like Tesla to El Paso is bringing a spike in population and not having the infrastructure to handle it Have you been to Austin recently? Tried to get through downtown Austin during rush hour? It's damn near impossible.

Let's hope El Paso is able to continue to grow, but we're able to control it to the point it doesn't become like Austin, which grew too fast. Of course, these videos will also e a good historical record for the future as the city does continue to grow.