We are now two episodes into our Legends of Concordia series. In case you're missed any of what we've been doing, this all started with creating 4 characters in our own D&D world. It's basically a post-apocalyptic El Paso/West Texas.

So far in our adventures we've run into a group called the KLAQ that's run by Buzz Adams, an ogre, and we've also run into a brothel run by Joanna. But we haven't actually come face to face with their characters yet.

Just like in Dungeons and Dragons, our characters level up, the more we play. This time we're leveling up to level 3. If you would like to get into to D&D, maybe you've played before and would like to get back into, or you're a noob like me and have always wanted to try it, be sure to go check out Military Gamer Supply. They're located at 1121 Larry Mahan Drive, Suite A, El Paso, TX 79925. You can also check out their website HERE.