Which do you prefer? Getting a whole big chip out of the bag (or container)? Or the very end of the bag or container with the crumbs?

One company is banking on you liking the crumbs. At least, a Japanese company is. Tokyo based, Koike-ya, has started selling "One Hand Chips" that come pre-crushed. So you basically can "drink" them out of the bag. Just like you do when you get to the end of the bag.

They were originally designed for people who love the crumbs, but now they're being marketed towards millennials who want to use their phones while they eat.

There was something called Fail Chips last year, but that was never an actual product. It ended up being just a marketing campaign.

One-Hand Chips are currently only available only over in Japan, but if you really want to try them, just go get a bag of Ruffles or Doritos and crushed the Hell out of them. Because that's really all it is.