Fans are roasting another celebrity chef after her Quesadilla recipe goes viral for all the wrong reasons.

Food Network Twitter

Food Network star, Ree Drummond who goes by the Pioneer Woman, is an author, blogger, mother, and chef who usually cooks up large meals for her family of six.

In a recent Tweet by the Food Network, fans were quick to call out the long-time cook for her unorthodox way of making quesadillas.

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For those unfamiliar, quesadillas are an easy and quick meal to make, consisting of flour or corn tortillas (that's another debate) and cheese and are usually made on a comal (a smooth, flat griddle). The flat grill is the perfect surface to melt all the cheese and give the tortilla that slight crunchy factor. 


While the ingredients are simple, quesadilla ingredients can vary wildly, and in the case of the Pioneer Woman, her recipe is very Tex-Mex, adding olives and frozen corn.

El Pasoans didn't take too kindly to Drummond's Chicken Chili Sheet Pan Quesadilla, which involves a sheet pan, which is hardly ever used when making a quesadilla 'round these parts. Not only was her cooking method unusual for quesadillas, but her recipe calls for 40 min for prep and cooking time. Forty minutes for eight quesadillas sounds like a long time, to be honest. For the complete recipe click HERE.

While we know that cooking, like art, is all subjective and a matter of personal taste, it's still not cool to culturally appropriate dishes without understanding the history or flavors of a region. It's not that the Pioneer Woman was trying to go out of her way to reinvent the quesadilla - but she could have at least shared that her version is not authentic. This way, her fans, who may be unfamiliar with a quesadilla, understand that her recipe is far from the real thing.

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