While I have only recently been hired on at the station I've been around KLAQ and the folks that make this place run, for about 5 years. Everybody has always been so nice to me, so helpful and supportive that I knew I had to do something.



Photo by Michel E on Unsplash

While talking is a new skill set that I've developed recently it isn't the sort of thing you use to show appreciation. But the skills from my former life as an EMT and CPR instructor could be used to show how thankful I am.



That's why I enlisted the help of my good friend and former co-worker Mr. Brian Wilson EMT-P and Director of Education at the Center for Simulation at Texas Tech University Health Science Center El Paso, took him to the radio station on a Saturday morning on his day off and provided a little seminar on CPR and airway obstruction for people's safety of mind, and because it's a great skill set to have.



It was a small and intimate group that included our very own Steve Kaplowitz who really got in to the exercises.



Also our chief engineer David even got into action.



As you can see I was around for the important stuff.

Knowing CPR, how to activate the emergency response system, and how to correctly apply an AED are all skills the general public would be better off knowing. But at least I know there are a couple people at the station that can help Buzz for his inevitable heart attack.

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