I love Bad Bunny. His music, his non-apologetic views on masculinity, I love it all! However, do I love him so much that I'm willing to spend $20K?! Sorry, but no!

I know what you're thinking: "why are you working at a rock station if you like Bad Bunny?" Because I can appreciate all types of music. As much as I tried to buy tickets for his concert, I was left empty handed.

At first, the prices weren't unreasonable, then came the resale prices. Honestly, all of y'all who buy tickets just to resell them at outrageous prices can go to you know where! Ticket resale prices inflated to over $20K and I knew I had to throw in the towel. I don't have $20K, Bad Bunny! What do I have to do to see you?!

Since I can't afford to sell my soul for these tickets, I instead decided to go ahead and try to find other things to fill the void. For the $400 I was willing to spend for Bad Bunny, here are 5 things I can buy instead:

Four of these air fryers which cost $99.99!

Best Buy

A new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (because, yes, I'm an Android user, not an iPhone user!)


This really awesome Freddy Krueger Chest of Souls Glove/Sweater/Hat Prop Display that would be perfect for my horror collection that is only $200- I'd still have money leftover!


This nugget ice maker. Because we all know that Sonic's nugget ice is the best- now I can have it from the comfort of my own home!


Two tickets to see Backstreet Boys on their DNA Tour. Which is eventually what I did end up buying because I have wanted to see the Backstreet Boys since 1998! And I still had money leftover!

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1989 WWF TV Taping in El Paso