If today were April 1st, you wouldn't believe this story. Well, maybe... maybe not. Tom Brady being in Tampa Bay would cause you to have at least some belief.

Well, believe it 100% because it's true. Gronk took last year off after winning Super Bowl 53 with the Patriots. He had never quite closed the door on a comeback, and now we see why. He's ready to return to the field.

The Patriots still had the rights to Gronk, so he couldn't just come out of retirement and sign with the Bucs. The Patriots had to either trade Gronk or release him, for him to end up in Tampa. Clearly both sides wanted to make a deal because this happened quickly. Reports just this morning were that Gronk was thinking about playing with Brady in Tampa, and now here we are just a few hours later and he's with his old quarterback and a new team.

In exchange for arguably the best tight end to ever play the game, the Patriots have landed themselves a 4th round pick. Some might think that's not a lot, but you have to remember Gronk has a pretty checkered injury history and he didn't play last year. The Pats are also shipping a 7th round pick to the Bucs as well.