It's National Hostess Cupcake Day! And yes, I realize the photo above is a Twinkie, not a cupcake. Hey, we all work with limitations sometimes. How about some stuff that you probably don't know about Hostess:

  1. It all started with the cupcake, not the Twinkie, all the way back in 1919 on May 11th. Hence the reason today (May 11th) is Hostess Cupcake Day.
  2. It wasn't until 1930 that a bakery manager for the company came up with Twinkie. Jim Dewer was on his way to a meeting when he passed a sign that said "Twinkle Toe Shoes", and that's where the name Twinkie came from.
  3. Twinkies were originally banana flavored, but during World War II, there was a shortage of bananas. Hostess had to change to vanilla flavored filling and never went back.
  4. There was a brief promotion for King Kong that saw the banana flavored filling on the shelves again. They sold rather well, but the promotion was for a short period of time.
  5. Inside the Sno Ball is a little secret. Peel back the marshmallow covering and turn it upside down. It's a Hostess cupcake, they just repurposed it and turned it upside down.
  6. Twinkies were used in the defense of Dan White, who was on trial for the murder of Harvey Milk. The defense said that White couldn't have planned the murder because he had eaten to many Twinkies and was on a sugar high. Guess what... it worked! Sort of. White was found guilty of manslaughter instead of murder.
  7. In 1986, a Minneapolis city council candidate got in trouble for bribing seniors with Twinkies. They were passing them out to senior groups during the election and this goes against the Fair Campaign Practices Act.

Now, go get yourself a box of Hostess cupcakes and celebrate!