• Song - Jingle Bells
  • Year - 1857
  • Written By - James Lord Pierpont (composer and lyricist)

Other Random Facts

  • It was originally published under the title One Horse Open Sleigh
  • It was originally intended be for the Thanksgiving and the song makes no references to Christmas.
  • The first recording of the song was in 1889 on an Edison cylinder.
  • Jingle Bells was the first song broadcast from space. It was during a prank by Gemini 6 astronauts on December 16, 1965. They sent this to mission control. "Gemini VII, this is Gemini VI. We have an object, looks like a satellite going from north to south, up in a polar orbit. He's in a very low trajectory traveling from north to south and has a very high climbing ratio. It looks like it might even be a ... Very low. Looks like he might be going to reenter soon. Stand by one ... You might just let me try to pick up that thing." They then broadcast their own version of Jingle Bells.
  • There's more to the song than you might think. Here are the entire lyrics.
    • Dashing through the snow
      In a one-horse open sleigh
      O'er the fields we go
      Laughing all the way

      Bells on bob tail ring
      Making spirits bright
      What fun it is to ride and sing
      A sleighing song tonight!

      Jingle bells, jingle bells,
      Jingle all the way.
      Oh! what fun it is to ride
      In a one-horse open sleigh.

      Jingle bells, jingle bells,
      Jingle all the way;
      Oh! what fun it is to ride
      In a one-horse open sleigh.

      Although less well-known than the opening, the remaining verses depict high-speed youthful fun. In the second verse, the narrator takes a ride with a girl and loses control of the sleigh:

      A day or two ago
      I thought I'd take a ride
      And soon, Miss Fanny Bright
      Was seated by my side,
      The horse was lean and lank
      Misfortune seemed his lot
      He got into a drifted bank
      And then we got upsot.[a]
      |: chorus :|

      In the next verse (which is often skipped), he falls out of the sleigh and a rival laughs at him:

      A day or two ago,
      The story I must tell
      I went out on the snow,
      And on my back I fell;
      A gent was riding by
      In a one-horse open sleigh,
      He laughed as there I sprawling lie,
      But quickly drove away.
      |: chorus :|

      In the last verse, after relating his experience, he gives advice to a friend to pick up some girls, find a faster horse, and take off at full speed:

      Now the ground is white
      Go it while you're young,
      Take the girls tonight
      and sing this sleighing song;
      Just get a bobtailed bay
      Two forty as his speed[b]
      Hitch him to an open sleigh
      And crack! you'll take the lead.