If you've been on social media recently, you've probably heard of a 'documentary' called Plandemic. Dr. Judy Mikovits is a discredited virologist who promotes anti-vaxxer theories.

Discredited? Yup. Big time. Throughout her career she has consistently made unsupported claims. Most recently those claims have been about COVID-19 and how this is all a big scam. Head on over to Forbes.com to see a solid article explaining Plandemic. Of course, if you believe her, you probably won't trust the Forbes article anyway. That, is 'belief bias'.

So, why are people jumping all over this video, sharing it, and believing it? It's something called belief bias. You might see someone you now share the video and think "This is an intelligent person. Why are they sharing this crap?" That's because it doesn't have much to do with 'intelligence' as it does something called 'belief bias'.

It's quite simple, you already have a set of values and beliefs. You are more likely to reject any argument that contradicts those previous values and beliefs, and trust an argument that supports what you already felt.

Now, this isn't a trait that's specific for people who are sharing Plandemic. It's also not only for people who support Trump. It happens on all sides of the aisle. You can see this even more when people get into it in online arguments because you can tell that everyone only cares about proving themselves right, not finding an actual solution.