Philip Lewis is a senior front page editor at Huffington Post and according to his bio, a Detroit native. Which means, for the most part, Lewis may not have ever heard of El Paso.

That all changed the other day when a house listing popped up on Lewis' Facebook page showing him a house in the Sun City with a price he could not believe.

To most of us here in El Paso, $539,950 is insane! I have to admit, when I saw his Tweet with the pictures, for a while I didn't think this house was actually in El Paso!

After some research, I have found it, it is an El Paso home. The listing is brand new (like 2 days old!) but 11349 Pratt Ave. does indeed exist and does have five bedrooms, six baths, and a spacious backyard with pool.

After Tweeting it out, Lewis asked for more information on El Paso:

Others didn't have anything nice to say:

Of course, it's the usual response to El Paso: "There's nothing to do there".

I'm not entirely sure Lewis was convinced, but people did continue to hype up El Paso, especially when it came to food:

In the end, El Paso is what you make of it. Lewis was probably not serious about moving here, but I'm sure if he does, he'll be welcomed with open arms. In the meantime, check out this house! And check out the listing here.


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