Rockstar 101 is a podcast I've been doing with Shim, the former lead singer of Sick Puppies for over a year now. You can find the podcast wherever you get your podcasts. Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify... seriously, wherever you get them.

Since we're all pretty much on lock down at this point, Shim and I are trying to figure out other ways to get the podcast to you. So we're going live on Facebook later today. At least, we're hoping to. We haven't quite tested the equipment yet, but we should be live over on Shim's Facebook page today (Friday, March 27th) at noon MST.

You can find Shim's Facebook page by CLICKING HERE. Be sure to head on over there to like the page, and have the notifications turned on so when we do go live, you'll be given a heads up.

And as always, you can jump in the Facebook chat if you have any questions, comments or topics you'd like brought up on Rockstar 101.