Have you ever wanted to write a song with a rockstar? Now you can. Just join Shim for The Lockdown Sessions. As we're all sitting back and wondering what to do while we're stuck at home, Shim is using the opportunity to write some new music about the situation we're all in. And he's inviting you to join.

The Lockdown Sessions happen over on Shim's Facebook page, which you can find by CLICKING HERE, every Thursday and Friday at 7pm Central, 6pm Mountain time.

He's also doing this for more than just boredom. It's a part of Music for Masks, which you can find by CLICKING HERE. But this comes straight from the Go Fund Me page.

Music for Masks is an initiative created by SHIM and "The Hollywood Rebellion." Each week SHIM interactively writes songs using inspiration and suggestions from his fans via Facebook live. Once this GO FUND ME hits $1,000, SHIM will record a full song with the help of "The Hollywood Rebellion" (www.thebassist.net, @darthwhiskey and others)
The song will be made available to the world for free and 100% of the donations will go to -

Protective Gear for NYC Health Care Workers,  a fundraiser organized by Adam and Erin Alpert.

1 in 10 deaths due to Covid 19 are health care workers on the front line.
These donations will be used to pay for the basic protective equipment they need to save lives in NYC.

Once we hit $1,000 for NYC, we'll do it again! and AGAIN!

I realize times are tough everywhere for everyone  and you can only afford  to give so much but we need to get these donations out ASAP.   Any amount you can give is greatly appreciated. Medical workers on the front lines are risking their lives everyday to protect us all. Let's all do what we can to protect them. Please help me, help them!
"Music is endless and exists to heal." - SHIM

Check out one of the live Lockdown Sessions...