The Last Dance has sent people down a rabbit hole nostalgia and it has been awesome! It reminds us just how great Jordan was, and just how much he destroyed our favorite teams. Yup, I'm a Trail Blazers fan and it's still rough watching that damn Jordan shrug.

A lot of people have been wondering, what ever happened Jordan's sons and the game of basketball? Were they good? Did they play?

Jordan has two sons, Jeffrey and Marcus. Jeffrey is the older of the two and he started his college basketball career at the University of Illinois. He eventually transferred to the University of Central Florida to play with his younger brother Marcus, who was the better player.

Neither player did a whole lot while in college on the court. Unless you count Marcus refusing to wear Adidas on the court. The University of Central Florida a deal with Adidas when Marcus got to the school. And this was the school, not just the basketball program. Marcus refused to wear the Adidas, choosing to rock the Nike Jordan's instead. This caused Adidas to back out of their contract, basically forcing the University of Central Florida to sign a deal with Nike.

Of course, no matter what the kids did, there was almost no way they were going to live up to their dad.

  • 6 time NBA champion
  • 6 time Finals MVP
  • 5 time NBA MVP
  • 2 Olympic gold medals

Here's a video that breaks down Jordan's sons and their game on the court.