Today the Buzz Adams Morning Show decided to give our pick for the Game of Thrones Season 7 Dead Pool. While some simply picked at random or even put a little thought behind their picks, I may have taken it to an extreme.

We finally were able to reveal our picks for the Season 7 Game of Thrones Morning Show Dead Pool. Because I am so obsessed with this series I put a lot of thought behind each of my picks, looking at both the television series and the books Song of Ice and Fire. I think because I put so much thought into my picks, this means I am going to come in dead last.

If you want to know my thought process behind my picks, as well as who came in for my top ten, check out my list below.



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    Lord Beric

    George R. R. Martin has said before that Lord Beric becomes less and less human every time he is resurrected by Thoros of Myr. His wounds become hideous scars and he loses memories because he is not a living human being anymore. Martin actually dropped the knowledge on us that Lord Beric is a fire wight. In the books Beric gives his power of coming back to life to Catelynn Stark who then becomes Lady Stoneheart. He does this by giving her the "last kiss" and transfers his power into her. If this storyline is seen in the show, I believe that Beric will give his power not to Catelynn Stark but to the Hound. Now that the Hound has seen the White Walkers in the fire, he seems to believe their cause and I believe will become instrumental in the final battle.

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    The Hound

    This goes off of my first choice. Lord Beric will sacrifice himself to save the Hound, but that means that the Hound will have to die first. Perhaps the White Walkers will get to him in battle and finish him off, or maybe some foe from his past will do him in. Any way it happens, Lord Beric is going to be there to save the day.

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    Trapped at Casterly Rock by Euron Greyjoy's ships and after FINALLY getting it on with Missandai.....that basically solidifies that he's going down. And soon. Can't have happy couples on this show people!

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    Tormund Giantsbane

    Ugh, I love this man and he makes me laugh which makes me think he may be on the chopping block. Tormund's main job on the show was to fight with Jon above the wall, then become friends with Jon and finally make the Wildings believe in Jon. Now that the Wildings are on Jon Snow's side and believe in him and the cause, there really is no purpose for Tormund. His last job will be to sacrifice his own life to save Jon Snow or one of the Starks, to show the wilding how he is willing to die for this cause and follow Jon no matter what. And that is why they should too.

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    Euron Greyjoy

    Not only is Euron Greyjoy a huge threat to Danny, but Jaime is looking like Euron's a little too close to Cersei. He's cocky, rude and driven by power- the perfect recipe for him to slip up and allow Jaime to kill him for the love of Cersei. Or even better Theon, as long as he doesn't jump off any boats again.

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    Possible Death- Petyr Baelish aka Little Finger

    1. This is someone who I will actively root on to die when it happens. He's conniving, ruthless, self-centered, shameless and has no problems sacrificing everyone in the realm to further his own ambitions. There are too many characters to count that could do him in. My hope is that it is either Sansa or Arya that do.
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    Possible Death- Brienne of Tarth

    This pick I don't see happening this season but I do see Brienne being killed in the service of Sansa Stark or some Stark. She is a good person who is simply trying to do the right thing, and that is what usually gets people killed off on this show. The ultimate battle would be if she ends up having to duel Jaime Lannister in battle like Jon Snow was going to have to do with Ygritte. In that situation, I don't know who I would want to win. There is no happy ending in a battle between Brienne and Jaime, only the winner having a lot of guilt and sadness over it.

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    Possible Death- Sir Davos Seaworth

    It seems like there is always a moral compass that needs to be done in. There was Eddard Stark, Syrio Forel, Maester Luwin, Mance Rayder, Ser Barristan Selmy and even our poor, sweet Hodor. If you are kind, have good morals, can make the audience smile and root for you, you're kind of doomed to die on this show.

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    Possible Death- Lord Varys "The Spider"

    Mellisandre isn't a person you want to cross and even though her prophecies and predictions have been wrong, she does get some things right.

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    Possible Death- Eddison Tollett

    As the new leader of the Brother’s of the Night’s Watch, Eddison has been a loyal Brother to Jon Snow. He believes in him and follows him and knows that he will be their best chance at survival the long winter. Because of all his goods traits and qualities, not to mention his close proximity to the White Walkers, he’s pretty much not surviving to the end of the series. Just depends on when he will be getting the axe.

    NOTE: Couldn't get a photo of him from Getty because he apparently isn't big enough to have photos. Which further proves my point that he probably won't make it.