"A man with big dreams and a small bladder" is how Jeffrey Q describes himself on Twitter; and up until this past weekend, I'm sure not many people knew who he was. It wasn't until one simple Tweet skyrocketed him to El Paso fame as he decided to air some grievances on Twitter- as one does.

On October 6th, Jeff Tweeted out about a situation he encountered at work; later, we'll find out where exactly Jeff works. For now, check out the Tweet that started it all:

Note how he didn't give a name.

Well, as expected, the Tweet kind of blew up and many began throwing their guesses in the comments as to which church and which pastor it was. It didn't take long for the Tweet to rack up 100 Tweets. The next day, Jeff gave an update:


Sorry I couldn't really use your headline, Jeff. How did this happen, you might ask? On that day, a few hours earlier, Pastor Tom Brown responded to Jeff's original Tweet, and he did not seem happy!


So Jeff got suspended- Pastor Tom Brown must be feeling pretty good about himself. Many in the comments came to Jeff's defense; but it was too late- the damage had been done and Jeff was suspended.

Some of it is understandable; Jeff Tweeted out a shopper's experience and it caught some traction- maybe it was supposed to be private. However, I do want to point out that Jeff didn't mention any names in the original Tweet. Pastor Brown basically outted himself!

Jeff did confirm that he will no longer be working there and actually has plans set to leave El Paso. Go forth and prosper, Jeff, we will always remember you.

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