We got an interesting letter from a listener who needed some advice. His girlfriend, who had previously had trouble getting a job, finally got a job at Hooters. But this guy was not that happy about it. When he took her to the parent's home he told her to tell them she worked in retail. That's not entirely wrong, they sell shirts and whatnot at Hooters. Anyway, his question to us was should he ask her to quit? It then prompted callers and some of us on the show to share if we'd ever been embarrassed or ashamed of a job our significant other had.

I have never been embarrassed by a job my significant other had. I dated a guy who worked at Wendy's and while some of my friends looked down on a fast food worker, I liked him- he made me laugh and he brought me free Frosty's so who's the real winner here? I also dated a guy who worked at the movie theater and that was awesome because I got to see movies and got free popcorn! It may sound like I just dated guys for these small benefits, but that wasn't it, I swear! Because I thought this was a really interesting topic, I decided to Tweet out the number to our followers on Twitter (yes, we all help run the Buzz Adams Morning Show Twitter page- so, yes, we read EVERYTHING you guys send us!). This was today's Tweet:

Anyways, we got some great calls and some good feedback from our listeners but no response was as great as this one local El Paso account who decided to retweet us with this:

A round of applause to whoever runs The Daily Dust Storm, y'all are the real MVP! I had never heard of the Daily Dust Storm, their bio says "Your daily source for better El Paso news and headlines" and that is genius, actually. We now follow each other on Twitter. I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship, Daily Dust Storm.