Happy Maytallica! Unlike the rest of my colleagues on the Morning Show, I'd never seen Metallica live before they came to El Paso in 2019. I almost didn't get to see them in 2019, until a miracle happened! Follow me on this journey.

When we announced that Metallica was coming to El Paso, naturally, I was excited; but I knew the process to get tickets would be the challenge. Contrary to popular belief, working at a radio station doesn't always guarantee that we get free tickets.

Not surprisingly, I wasn't able to get tickets when they went on sale (they sold out in 20 minutes!). So for the next year, I was salty AF.

I kept reassuring myself that I didn't need to see Metallica live; that they would tour again and I would get the chance once again. Deep down I knew that I was salty! As the date got closer and I saw Metallica shirts everywhere and people posting how excited they were, it was getting harder to contain my jealousy.

However, almost overnight things changed. Three days before Metallica performed- my cousin sent me a text with a proposition. A buddy of his was selling a pair of VIP tickets. The two were being sold together, he was willing to go half and half and wanted to know if I was in. My response? HELL. YES. I won't disclose how much we shelled out for the tickets, but I can guarantee you that it was worth it.

My cousin and I were part of the "Enhanced Experience". We got to check out some of Metallica's memorabilia, got a free shirt, got some food and drinks. It was amazing and completely worth it.

Joanna Barba

In the end, I got to see Metallica throw a great show.

While it won't be a live concert, you can tune in to hear how great of a show Metallica throws on May 29th for our Metallica Mayhem Festival- our fantasy concert event featuring two all live Metallica sets! You can celebrate all things Metallica every Monday when Veronica Gonzalez hits you with a double shot of Symphony Metallica where you have a chance to win both the Metallica & San Francisco Symphony “S&M2” Blue-ray and 2 CD set.

Happy Maytallica!


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