Schools are pretty much closed for the rest of this academic year, and it might even bleed over into the fall. Which means more and more is being asked of the parents.

If you are a parent and you're feeling a bit overwhelmed and need some help, let me give you some solid advice. Check out Khan Academy. You can head over there BY CLICKING HERE.

They have pretty much anything you could possibly be looking for. Math from preschool all the way up to through high school, into engineering, computer science, art, economics, and even test prep.

I've been using Khan Academy for awhile now. I think my account was created about 7 years ago, and I use it for a whole bunch of different things. I enjoy learning computer programming, so I'll watch the videos on that. And I also really enjoy chemistry. Seriously, when I was working for the country station, 5 to 6 years ago, during my on air shifts, I would go through the chemistry videos and balance chemical equations.

So yes, you can use Khan Academy to help your kids with their education, and you can even use it for yourself.