The Albuquerque Journal has issued an apology for a cartoon that was printed Wednesday that showed a white couple being mugged by MS-13 gang members. A cartoon published in Wednesday's Albuquerque Journal has outraged immigrant advocates, readers and some lawmakers. In the cartoon by syndicated cartoonist Sean Delonas, you see a terrified white couple being mugged by three MS-13 gang members. The men are holding various items including a gun, bombs and even a bloody knife. In the cartoon you see the man telling your wife,

"Now honey, I believe they prefer to be called ‘dreamers,’ . . . or future Democrats."

After the wave of anger and outrage in the community, the Albuquerque Journal editor issue two apologies for the cartoon. She explained that the objectionable cartoon was not the position of the Journal and she didn't know what the cartoonist was trying to convey with the cartoon. Still, many are still protesting the Albuquerque Journal and canceling their subscriptions over the cartoon. Even at the New Mexico Senate, state lawmakers took to the floor to voice their anger over the cartoon. Lt. Governor John Sanchez said he believed the cartoon was just plain wrong:

“I’m offended as a Republican, and I’m offended as a conservative, that they would try to depict Democrats as thugs and terrorists."

You can read the cartoonist's response to the controversy at the Washington Post.