Take a deep breath Cowboy fans. You dodged a bullet on that one. Matt Mosley sent out a tweet that probably caused Cowboy fan's hearts to stop for a brief moment. Here's the tweet:

If I were a Cowboy, I would lost my mind. BUT, it's not a true report. Mosley ended up posting this afterward:

Mr. Mosley has certainly made an even bigger name for himself with this tweet, but at what cost? Just who is Matt Mosley? Direct from his Twitter page:

Co-host of Doomsday Podcast/columnist PressBoxDFW. Have written @ http://ESPN.comhttp://Foxsports.com, Texas Monthly. Host of the Matt Mosley Show @ ESPN 1660. Baylor alum.

Sooooo, are we to assume all his tweets at this point are just satire? Or just this one that had no reference to being satire until it caught on like wildfire. I get trying to make a joke and have some fun with the draft, but you need to be a bit more careful.