Ah, French fries. They're delicious. They can be added to almost any meal for about $1. A basket of fries is $3.29 at McDonald's right now, just saying. While I am a lover of fries, and I don't believe I've ever met a fry I didn't like, I think we can all agree that not all French fries are created equal. My favorite, hands down will always be McDonald's- even though I know they have their flaws, but I love them still.

Unfortunately for me, my fellow Texans don't feel this way. Well, a majority of Texas. The folks over at the Spruce Company analyzed Google trends and created a list of the most popular fast food French fries in ever state. Their findings were, for the most part not surprising, but also, a bit disturbing because some states out there LOVE the Taco Bell fries; which are not bad but also, not great at the same time, but I digress.

In Texas, no surprise here, the most popular french fries are those from Whataburger. I'm not saying Whataburger French fries are bad- they're not, they go great with that Spicy Ketchup, I'm just more of an onion rings girl at Whataburger.

The most popular French fries were those of McDonald's and Popeye's. I have to admit, I've never had the fries at Popeye's, am I missing out? Then again, I still haven't tried the chicken sandwich so I may be behind. While I consider myself a foodie and many may think that Five Guys' fries are "grossly overrated" I would have to say they would probably go above Taco Bell fries. So, what are your favorite fries? You can check out the entire list here.