It was all over social media yesterday. People are standing their brooms up on their bristles. Oooooo, amazing. It must be magic. Oh wait, no, it has to be the Earth's rotation because that's what NASA says. At least, that's what this guy posted.

I hate to burst your bubble, or knock your broom over, but this has nothing to do with the Earth's gravitational pull and NASA has never said anything close to that.

In reality, this has to do with the make up of the broom. It has a low center of gravity and the bristles act like a tripod. How long has this rumor been going around? At least 1999. Another part of this story is that you can stand an egg on its edge as well. CLICK HERE and you can find a story from Snopes that was written back in 1999.

Here is a news broadcast from yesterday explaining you can do this whenever you want.

If that's not enough, CLICK HERE to find a video from 2012 that CNN did debunking this phenomenon.