That sure was quick. Just yesterday it was reported that a federal judge had moved forward to bring Texas closer to allowing mail-in votes. You can find that story by CLICKING HERE.

But, that was short lived as a federal appeals court put a halt to that ruling. This doesn't mean the issue is dead in the water, it just means it's been temporarily stopped while the case is reviewed.

Texas does already have mail-in voting, but it's limited to people over the age of 65 or older, or with a "sickness or physical condition" that would prevent them from making it to the voting booth.

The big argument against voting by mail is that it will lead to voter fraud. If that's the case, the states that have had mail-in voting should be completely riddled with fraud. President Trump tweeted about the topic:

News flash folks, this doesn't have anything to do with fraud. It has 100% to do with partisan crappery. Yeah, I just made up that word to describe what the Hell is going on in this country. Partisan crappery. And BOTH sides are guilty of it. But as far as this issue is concerned, there is no evidence whatsoever to the claims that mail-in voting will lead to fraud. This comes from the Washington Post.

There is no evidence of widespread fraud, in either regular voting or mail voting. It’s true that in voting by mail, the ballot is filled out in private, which opens up more potential avenues of fraud. But there is not any evidence of routine or even statistically significant fraud in the five states that do all-mail elections, election experts say.

Of course, if you are on the other side of this issue, you aren't going to take The Washington Post's word for it because they're fake news, right? It's not a matter of finding the right answer, it's about proving your original, unfounded claims right.