You ever wake up the morning after a party and just see random bruises? Yeah, so have I. Here are some stats about injuries you incur while drinking.

  1. The alcohol most likely to be linked to men hurting themselves is... beer. For women... vodka.
  2. 88% of people who have broken a bone while drunk say that it wouldn't have happened if they'd been sober.
  3. What are you most likely to injure while drunk? Your extremities. Leg, arm, face, hand, and head.
  4. Most common occasions for someone to get hurt drunk are birthday parties, New Year's Eve, a college party, and a work celebration. For me? It was apparently while camping.
  5. The average drinker has two drinking-related injuries.
  6. The most common age of an injury is 22, with spikes again at 25 and 35.
  7. 23% of people have started a drunken fight and the most common reason for the fight when asked after the fact? "I don't remember."