The cold winter months are coming and the Sunland Park Animal Control is looking for help to get towels, blankets, and more to help keep dogs warm. The cool fall breeze is turning into frigid winter months and you're not the only one shivering from the cold. Animals at the Sunland Park Animal Control are currently being held in outdoor cages which means they are exposed to the elements. There is also no available electricity so the shelter is unable to set up any heat lamps or heating of any kind. This is a serious problem, especially since we are heading into the freezing winter months when we usually see temperatures drop and sometimes even snow. To better prepare the shelter and the animals for these dropping temperatures, volunteers are asking for donations to keep them warm.

Donations being requested include towels, blankets, comforters, and quilts to line cages and kennels. You can also donate any travel crates that are used as well to keep the animals warm. You can drop off any locations at the Sunland Park Animal Control office, located at 1000 McNutt Road in Sunland Park, New Mexico. You can also give them a call at (575) 589-7565 with any questions.

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