Your stimulus check could be arriving soon. If you want the details on that, just CLICK HERE.

If you're in the state of Texas and you are now filing for unemployment you might be getting some extra money. On top of your regular unemployment check, the state of Texas is going to start issuing an extra $600 a week starting the week of April 12th.

The Texas Workforce Commission has struggled to handle the sheer amount of new claims that have hit recently. The unemployment rate jumped massively just a week ago by 1,600% and at one point they were receiving 1.5 million calls a day. A DAY. The week ending on March 28th, more than a quarter million (275,000) Texans applied for unemployment benefits.

What do you need to do to get the extra $600 a week? Nothing. If you're already in their system, there's nothing for you to do. However, if you aren't and need to file a new claim, just go through the regular process. The $600 a week increase will be available for up to 4 months.