As of yesterday there were AT LEAST 70 deaths in Texas directly attributable to last week’s winter storm. The tragic list of victims includes not only those who lost their lives from exposure to the cold but also those who died from carbon monoxide poisoning. From running the heater in their car. Because they were freezing.

Folks, it got VERY cold in Texas last week. Freakishly cold, in fact. But guess what? It WILL get that cold again in the future. Maybe not this year. Maybe not next year. But it WILL happen again. Let’s keep that in mind and DEMAND that the correct steps are taken to winterize and upgrade the suppliers of the Texas energy grid.

The boy’s family is suing the power grid operator for 100 million dollars.

ERCOT is claiming they are not liable for any of the deaths because they have “sovereign immunity”. Sovereign immunity is a concept that allows certain agencies from being sued because allowing the lawsuits would disrupt “key government services”. You know…like keeping the power on during a deadly winter storm.

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